Suspended time

2013. Iron, Gauze, cotton threads.
Cm 150 about diameter for piece.
The work, site specific installation, consists of a minimum of 4 pieces

Descrizione completa

The work witch I intend to develop is the idea of ​​time, especially the “suspended time“: an installation consisting of several parts that communicate and interact with each other, filling the space available to read and forms to create dynamic an evocative atmosphere of lights and shadows. The origin of the work will be very concrete and tangible: the land and the signs in it tracked by the work of man or nature. These tracks are seen from above, and then perceived as synthetic and clean lines. Planimetries drawn into space through thin iron rods that are welded and connected to each other to obtain a three-dimensional drawing. These “drawings” then come off the ground from which they originated to occupy a suspended space, symbolic space of thought, the space of emotions.

On the ground remains the only trace of what was, as a subtle and silent shadow left to lie on the soil: a trace of cotton thread sewn on a lightweight woven gauze. The thin lines and nodes that are woven with the thread at the connection points between the various lines so the image will form a constellation (imaginary, as a reflection of earthly track now suspended) to create a reversal between what was originally and what can become the track, to emphasize the subjectivity and relativity of time. The project aims to realize the ironwork from actual floor plans (the map of the city or of the land in which I will work). This to emphasize the intention to start from something concrete to turn it into a mental and emotional concept. Tracks / shadows that form the basis of the work may be made ​​of different materials (cloth, wax, paper).