Legami in-dissolti

25 Febrary – 11 March 2012

Not-Fading Connections Pavia, Spazio per le Arti contemporanee del Broletto.
Opening with performance and video-installations realized by Terremototeatro and Antitesi Sonore.

Francesca Porreca Review

The personal exhibition of Marta Vezzoli dedicated to the sequences of oeuvres named “Not-Fading Connections” main oeuvres of last November in an exposition in Galerie de l’Europe in Paris. As main purpose, the recent oeuvres of the artist,  focused on connections as experiments and contaminations of different techniques – the sculpture, as main creative origin of the artist, and painting, portrayed by abstract signs sowed together well and truly – as poetic research about relations between the individual and everything that surrounded its universal message.

The texture appears and disappears within these oeuvres connected together the threads within a careful research of color and sensation generated by the interchange of fullness and emptiness, transparences and reflected shadows; the  Ariadne’s thread seems to extend between installations, paintings and sculptures and allows to get closer to the labyrinth of art, without losing itself, encouraging to get deeper into the story line that unties under the spectator’s eyes.

The synthetic sign that characters Marta Vezzoli’s sculptures finds itself in the primary and essential shapes that appear in the painting, emphasized by the color as main poetic strength. The  “fluid” sensation, suspended within dream and reality which are then amplified by “poor” materials but rich of history, at the same time,  throughout the artist who speaks about herself. The parts, sowed together, are found both in installations and picturesque oeuvres, and participate to throw together once again shapes and colors outside the surface. This has shown an original attention to the traditional practice both of the feminine universe and the perseverance of connecting together the subtle signs. By the careful selection of materials – jute, iron, cork and different cloths-, these complex oeuvres express a communicative ability, a careful meaning and a research which is, at the same time, urgent and patient, as the same connections which are always important in everyday life.

Francesca Porreca, historical responsible in Musei Civici in Pavia